Privacy and other stuff

A note about privacy

The stories listed in the OT Living with Kids blogs are fiction, which will be communicated in each blog. These fictional stories involve children and we have no intention of using real children’s names or true stories to protect their privacy and medical information. In some cases, there are elements of stories that have happened but the details are changed to ensure the privacy of those involved. Many pictures are taken by Kate Turner in a way where the face of the child is not fully visible. These pictures are personal photos being shared. 

Very rarely there will be a true story on the OT Living with Kids blog. If that happens, then there will be no concern for a child’s privacy, full consent will be obtained and clearly communicated within the blog. 

Unconcious bias and my perspective

I’ll be talking about parenting and my experience as an occupational therapist. At times this will include parenting a child who is neurodivergent from an OT mom’s perspective. I’d like to point out that I tend towards the neurotypical side of people therefore I have limitations in my experience and understanding of what it is like to live with neurodiversity e.g. ADHD, ASD, or other neurodevelopmental disorder. I may not even realize when I have biases or make assumptions that are inappropriate. I’m always learning and trying to do better, so I appreciate perspectives of those who identify as neurodivergent. Having those perspectives is also important so I wanted to be transparent that I may miss at times the full picture. Please have patience. Also I encourage anyone who would like to do understand more from an individual who identifies as neurodivergent.

Inclusion and expectations of community engagement

OT Living with Kids is an inclusive and accepting space. People have many different experiences and minds. These differences are what makes this world awesome and challenging. Living and working in Toronto Ontario allows me to learn from a broad range of thought, cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. Celebrating and acknowledging these differences are expected through this site. Comments or messages that are offensive, derogatory, or racist towards an individual or group require careful consideration and may be removed. Please chose kindness and ask questions before judging.  We’re all doing our best and striving towards better. 


Remember: I am an Occupational Therapist licensed to practice in Ontario, Canada. I am not your or your child’s Occupational Therapist. The information on the website is general in nature. 

Important: This website is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Blog posts should not be taken as personal health care advice or be substituted for a health care professional.  If you feel that you or your child would benefit from specific recommendations, then please seek out necessary assessment and treatment from a local health care professional in your area. Also, the parenting information and opinions are based on my own experiences and perspectives. Any views on my blog represent my own thoughts and opinions and do not reflect any of my employers (past or present).